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Box Alternative for MFT software

We are a Box alternative that offers a cloud-based MFT software solution for enterprise. You can share files, safely and securely with compliance, privacy and auditing tools all included in our solution, just like with Box. Where we greatly differ is on focus.

Although Box is an established file-storage and file-sharing platform, over the years it has moved into collaboration. This has resulted in Box’s feature-set and presentation geared toward their collaborative tools. Lack of focus on transferring files is not the only difference between Box and us.

Why We Are A Better Box Alternative

Filemail Accellion

Compliant With Many Regulations

Box complies with a number of mandates, but they don’t cover all the mandates that Filemail does. Furthermore, even with the Enterprise package offered by Box, some of the tools needed to comply are not included. You have to purchase them at extra cost. You can see the various mandates that Filemail complies with, and how Box fares in the table.

Filemail Accellion
x 200

Custom UDP For 200x Faster Transfer Rates

Box uses TCP such as FTP and HTTPS to sync and share data. TCP is considerably slower than our custom UDP. With built-in error checking, AES 256 encryption, and resending dropped packages, we have addressed the pitfalls of UDP usage. This means that you can share your files up to 200 times faster, knowing that what you send is what your recipient will receive.

Box alternative for file sharing

Focused On File Sharing

Box want to simplify how you work. At Filemail, our view is how you collaborate is your business. Securely sharing files is our business. The various collaborative tools offered by Box means that if wanting purely an MFT solution, you’ll find a lot of what they offer as superfluous at best, and at worst, distracting and coming in the way.

Box alternative for file sharing

Filemail and Box Enterprise Packages Compared

The table below shows the various features present in both Filemail and Box enterprise packages, and how they compare.

Filemail Box
Cost $40.83 a User / Month $105 (3 Users) + $35 Add User / Month
Storage Capacity

5 TB / User
(More on request)

Files Available Forever Permanent
Max File Size Unlimited 5 GB
UDP File Transfer Acceleration
Unlimited Bandwidth
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Anti-Virus Protection
Password Protection
Custom Subdomain
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Upload Form On Your Website
Receive Files
Multiple user accounts
Choose Data Location
Priority Support
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API
2 Factor Data Protection
SAML / Single Sign-On
Regulatory Compliance
Multiple incoming pages
Access To Penetration Tests

Some Benefits Of A Filemail Enterprise MFT Account

global data locations for region specific compliance

Data Location Included

When using cloud storage you have to comply with certain regulations, by storing your data at specific locations. With our file hosting service you can choose the locations you need at no extra cost.

x 200

UDP File Acceleration

Enterprises move vast amounts of data, they need a solution that can give them the fastest speeds possible. Our UDP gives clients transfer speeds much faster than TCP based browsers.

Filemail MFT with all add-ons included

All Inclusive Solution

Data locations is not the only add-on that has to be purchased with the Box Enterprise package. At Filemail, our enterprise package is an all-inclusive secure file sharing solution.

Multiple Incoming Pages

Multiple incoming pages

Enterprises often need many pages from which files can be received. So, each user, or each department can have their own dedicated page with Filemail.

Some Of Our Enterprise Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank

Client Testimonials

Rory Gillies of Shetland Flyer Aerial Media

Filemail is awesome! super convenient and very reliable. I have been sending tons of files and they always get there on time and with no pressure! I recommend them 100 !!

Artistic Media

Filemail is the best all around file sending and receiving service we have used by far! We have tried numerous others and they all missed the mark in one way or the other, where filemail has truly "delivered". The overall versatility, transfer speeds, file capacities, other features, up-time and security have been stellar--thank you filemail!

Matthew Ling (Zest Media Videography)

For me, Filemail is the perfect companion for my media transferring needs. It’s quick, reliable and in my opinion far better than any other file transferring platform. A+