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When Security & Compliance Is Paramount

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Large companies and multi-national organizations utilize our managed file transfer solution to have full control of all inbound and outbound data traffic. MFT provides a number of key benefits that are vital for businesses to meet compliance requirements when it comes to internal and external data transfers such as, data encryption, logging, and comprehensive audit trails of user and file interactions.

What Is Managed File Transfer?

Managed File Transfer is a platform used to transfer electronic data securely while complying with various regulations and mandates. The platform will typically provide automation, transparency and visibility, logs and auditable trails, encryption, and centralized administrative control.

The Benefits Of A Secure Managed File Transfer Solution

MFT can help you with business activity when you need:

  • To be able to securely send data between stakeholders such as customers, team members, and business partners.

  • To meet compliance requirements due to the transfer of sensitive data in regulated industries.

  • Ensure stakeholders only get access to relevant data. Transparency and visibility in terms of activity of personnel, and interactions with data.

Compliant With A Range Of Mandates & Regulations

We can help you to comply with regional and/or industry-specific compliance requirements such as FISMA, SOX, and HIPAA in the US, and GDPR in the EU. With globally distributed servers, we can store your files in the region of your choice to further comply with a specific industry, national, and/or regional regulation.


  • SOX


  • GDPR

  • ISO27001

  • GLBA+

  • GPG13

Ingoing & Outgoing Secure Data Transmission

Using MFT you can reduce the risk of unsecured data transmission. We utilize an extensive number of technologies and processes to ensure the data you send and receive via our platform is protected. Our systems constantly monitor and look out for harmful or erratic behavior with advanced intrusion detection systems, and ban rogue IPs if necessary.

All data uploaded to, or downloaded from Filemail is encrypted end-to-end with TLS-1/2 (AES-256). We use anti-virus to automatically scan for viruses and malware. Anti-virus definitions are updated weekly.

  • encryption to protect file transfers

    End-To-End Encryption

  • password protection

    Password Protection

  • anti-virus protection

    Anti-Virus Protection

  • detect intruders

    Intrusion Detection

  • penetration test report

    Penetration Report

Administration & Authentication

Administrators have a centralized place from which they can assign privileges and permissions. By using SAML/SSO you can manage identities and limit what they can do, as part of your overall cybersecurity strategy. We also provide 2-factor authentication to further aid in controlling access.

  • control access to files

    Access Control

  • saml sso


  • sms 2 factor authentication

    2-Factor Authentication

auditable trails via a detailed log

Visibility & Transparency

With Filemail you can manage and monitor the exchange of data, and gain increased visibility with a full auditable trail. Administrators of your account get a log of key events, and can also set up notifications if they want real-time updates.

auditable trails via a detailed log
easy to set up and share files

Easy To Set Up & Use

You can get up and running with Filemail in minutes. There is no complicated setup, you don’t need to get IT personnel involved, nor do your staff need to go any extensive training.

no complicated pricing plans


Managed File Transfers are solutions made for enterprises, and they come with a price to match. We have simple transparent pricing that is not further bumped up by training, configuration or hidden in the small-print charges.

no complicated pricing plans

Unlimited Features In Our Enterprise Plan

no complicated pricing plans

Unlimited Bandwidth

No limits on data ingress or egress.

Unlimited File Size

Send and receive files of any size.

Unlimited Recipients

Share files with as many recipients as you want.

Unlimited Downloads

No restrictions on how many times files are downloaded.

Key Benefits Of A Filemail MFT Enterprise Account

  • control access to files

    UDP Transfer Acceleration

    Our desktop apps use a custom-made UDP transfer acceleration protocol, that gives you blistering fast transfer rates.

  • saml sso

    Upload Form On Your website

    Integrate an upload form using just one line of HTML, and receive files from stakeholders on your website.

  • sms 2 factor authentication

    Automatic Downloads

    Automatically download received files so you're ready to work, instead of waiting around.

Additional Features In Our MFT Software

your own custom subdomain

Custom Subdomain

customized your account to fit your brand

Brandable Account

save time with fast transfer rates

Fast Transfer Rates

multiple incoming pages

Multiple Incoming Pages

each user gets 5b of storage space

5 TB Storage Per User

stellar customer support

Premium Support

Browser, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, MS Outlook, API

Secure MFT With Any Device

apps for all the major platforms

What Our Users Think

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15.4k Rating: 4.6 iOS score

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10.59k Rating: 4.7 google score

Client Testimonials

Bruce Fairbank - Labette Bank

I have used Filemail for several months and find it very easy to use. It solved problems we have here at the bank when we need to send large files. The platform also provides a secure way to send confidential information back and forth between the bank and our customers.

Deborah Alvino - CLVS (Coastal Legal Video)

Filemail is the easiest and fastest way to send large files. Some of my clients have been so impressed with Filemail when they have received my videos that they have started using it for their own businesses

Jorge Elias Alarcon - Hollywood Channel

Filemail has solved all my file transfers problems I have had in the past. Fast reliable, friendly to use. Very happy with the service. We send our shows all over the world, Filemail is a great help.

Some Of Our Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank