WeTransfer Alternative To Send Files Of Any Size

Send Up To 5 GB Free, Share More Than 200 GB With A Paid Account

Your files are transferred with the utmost of security

Filemail is the WeTransfer alternative if you want to send files for free that are more than 2 GB in size. You can send files larger than 200 GB with a paid account.

There is no denying WeTransfer is a big name in the file transfer domain. With a great design and easy to use interface, it is no surprise that for general file sharing it has made a name for itself. However, actual file transfer is very basic, which is fine under certain circumstances.

If you are a business or need to send files of any size, you will need to use a WeTransfer alternative, because they don't offer a multi-user business account.

A Better WeTransfer Alternative

GB 2 GB 5 GB 25 GB 20 WeTransfer Pro Pro Free Free Filemail

Send Bigger Files With Us

Just like with WeTransfer you can send files with us without an account. However where WeTransfer limits you to 2 GB, with us you can upload files up to 5 GB for free. With a WeTransfer Pro account you can't send a file or a number of files that in total are above 200 GB. With us, you can share a file or files of up to 250 GB, via an email address or by sharing a download link.

GB 2 GB 5 GB 25 GB 20 WeTransfer Pro Pro Free Free Filemail
Receive bigger files with Filemail

Receive Bigger Files With Us

The arbitrary limitation that WeTransfer has on file transfer size goes both ways. Just as you can't send greater than 200 GB, you are unable to receive greater than 200 GB either. With a Filemail Pro account you can receive a transfer of up to 250 GB.

Your files are transferred with the utmost of security

The Secure Alternative

WeTransfer doesn't check the integrity of the file, so any errors would mean an unusable file is being sent, with obvious ramifications on time wasted, and sensitive data corrupted. WeTransfer doesn't even encrypt nor scan for viruses. At Filemail, we use error checking, data encryption and virus scanning, so you can rest assured any files you send or receive will be the ones you expected.

Your files are transferred with the utmost of security
No ads on Filemail

The Joy Of No-Ads

WeTransfer generate revenue from their free accounts by displaying ads to them. We don't. Our job isn't to show you ads, nor to make money by showing you ads. We are focused on our core service, which is to send your file as quickly, and as securely, as possible.

Transfer files using any platform

We Cover All Platforms

You can use WeTransfer via a browser, or an iOS app. They do have an Android App, but it is a complicated process to send a file. They have no desktop app nor an Outlook Add-In. All our apps are focused on giving you no-nonsense file transfer capabilities, on any device and any platform.

Transfer files using any platform

Comparing The Following Accounts

No Account/Free

Personal 1-User Account

Free / No Account Comparison

If you need to send the occasional file in a fuss-free manner, then both Filemail and WeTransfer offer a free file transfer service. But we are a free alternative to WeTransfer when you need to send more than 2 GB. Other differences when it comes to sending a file for free, are listed below.

Filemail WeTransfer
Files Available 7 Days 7 Days
Max File Size 5 GB 2 GB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Anti-Virus Protection
Ad Free
Full Download Speed ?

We Transfer And Then Some

5 GB

Share Up To 5 GB

2 GB won't get you very far in this day and age. With Filemail transfer large files up to 5 GB for free.

WeTransfer alternative for unlimited downloads

Unlimited Downloads

With WeTransfer you can only send to 3 recipients. We don't limit the number of recipients, downloads, nor links shared.

We won't distract you with ads

No Ads

No ads means no distractions, and a richer user experience, when you send your files with us.

anti-virus to protect your files

Anti-Virus Protection

There are a variety of malicious programs and people looking to disrupt and harm. Transfer with built-in anti-virus with us.

Send Up To 5 GB For Free

No Need To Register

Send Files Free

Personal Account Comparison

Personal accounts are for individual users such as professionals and freelancers, in a multitude of domains. Typical users are engineers, marketers, audio/video specialists to name but a few domains.

They need a more robust, quicker and secure file transferring solution, because sending and receiving files is an integral part of their workflow. The table below shows how WeTransfer and Filemail compare for these users.

Filemail WeTransfer
Cost Per Month $10 $15
Account Type Pro Pro
Storage Capacity 1 TB 1 TB
Files Available 30 days Configurable
Max File Size 250 GB 200 GB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Downloads
Unlimited Recipients
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Anti-Virus Protection
Password Protection
Custom Subdomain
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Receive Files
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API

We Transfer Files With More Benefits

25 GB

250 GB File Size Limit

Sharing large files? Send or receive a file of up to 250 GB with us, rather than being stunted by the 20 GB offered by WeTransfer.

Share files via different platforms

200 x Faster Transfers

At Filemail we use our own custom UDP protocols to transfer files up to 200 times faster when compared to TCP based protocols such as FTP and HTTP.

A full-suite of protective capabilities

Protect Your Data

You entrust yours and your clients data with us. We take this seriously and it shows, with data encryption, anti-virus, and password protection.

Track the files you share

Delivery Tracking

Chasing clients up, asking them if they have downloaded a file is a drag, and a waste of time. Filemail's delivery tracking will keep you in the loop.

Some Of Our Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank

Client Testimonials

Artistic Media

Filemail is the best all around file sending and receiving service we have used by far! We have tried numerous others and they all missed the mark in one way or the other, where Filemail has truly "delivered". The overall versatility, transfer speeds, file capacities, other features, up-time and security have been stellar--thank you Filemail!

Deborah Alvino, CLVS (Coastal Legal Video)

Filemail is the easiest and fastest way to send large files. Some of my clients have been so impressed with Filemail when they have received my videos that they have started using it for their own businesses

Kyle Laughlin ("I Do" Wedding Videos)

I have been using Filemail for years and it has been my trusted partner in delivering files to my customers worldwide. The enhancements and improvements that have been developed over the years makes Filemail a world class file transfer service.