The MFT Accellion Alternative With No Complicated Setup

Accelerated Deployment Without Complicated Configurations

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As an Accellion alternative, it comes as no surprise that both Accellion and Filemail provide Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions. However, just like so many other solutions in the file sharing space, Accellion not only provides file transferring capabilities, but also collaboration. We don't. We are completely focused on the transfer of data.

Furthermore, with Filemail, you won’t be put through a long arduous process of configuration, training, and endless upsell. Within a matter of minutes, you can start using Filemail MFT, a full-fledged enterprise grade solution.

Why Filemail Is A Better Accellion Alternative

Filemail Accellion

Compliant With Many More Protocols

Large businesses have to comply with numerous legislative and regulatory mandates when it comes to the storage, usage, and transportation of data. Both Accellion and Filemail comply with a number of mandates, although Accellion doesn’t quite cover the mandates we do. You can see how we compare in the table below.

Filemail Accellion
x 200

200x Faster Transfer Rates With Intelligent UDP

TCP based protocols are used by both parties, but when it comes to ultra-fast transfers, Accellion, just like Filemail utilize UDP. Where we differ is our UDP continuously checks various parameters to facilitate optimum routes and will reduce speed if need be to enable other traffic to come and go. Couple this with AES-256 encryption, error checking and packet resending, you get a cutting-edge UDP solution.

TB 5 TB 5 TB 5

More Storage - Unlimited Bandwidth

Accellion accounts have a storage capacity of only 250 GB. They also have a bandwidth limitation of 500 GB a month. Both storage and capacity can be expanded via hosted deployments only. At Filemail we put no limitation on the amount of bandwidth you use. When it comes to storage each user under their account has 5 TB of cloud based storage space, with more available on request.

TB 5 TB 5 TB 5

Filemail and Accellion MFT Enterprise Packages Compared

A comparison of the various features of the MFT enterprise solutions provided by Filemail and Accellion are presented in the table below.

Filemail Accellion
Cost $40.83 a User / Month Custom Pricing
Storage Capacity

5 TB / User
(More on request)

250 GB
Files Available Forever Configurable
Max File Size Unlimited Unlimited
UDP File Transfer Acceleration
Unlimited Bandwidth
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Anti-Virus Protection
Password Protection
Custom Subdomain
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Upload Form On Your Website
Receive Files
Multiple user accounts
Choose Data Location ?
Priority Support
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API
2 Factor Data Protection
SAML / Single Sign-On
Regulatory Compliance
Multiple incoming pages
Access To Penetration Tests

Some Highlights Of A Filemail Enterprise MFT Account

global data locations with our Accellion alternative

Data Locations Included

With Accellion you have to setup your own on-premise server or private cloud if specific locations are required. Filemail offers a range of data locations distributed globally.

MFT software you can get up and running in minutes

Up & Running In Minutes

Phone calls, meetings, hard-sell, up-sell, you know the old way of enterprise sales. With Filemail, you register and are ready to start using our MFT in a matter of minutes.

granular access rights to control users and files

Granular Rights

Admin accounts can define granular rights in regards to what users can do and share. This degree of control can also be exercised over files, such as where they are stored, and who can access them.

detailed logs for total transparency

Detailed Logs

Take the hassle out of auditing. Our detailed logs facilitate total transparency,, enabling you to easily comply with government and regional requirements.

Some Of Our Enterprise Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank

Client Testimonials

Sawyer Radler (Sport & Story)

Filemail is an amazing tool I use it to easily send video files weekly. Very quick and easy. I recommend this site for anyone needing to send large files.

Jorge Elias Alarcon (Hollywood Channel)

Filemail has solved all my file transfers problems I have had in the past. Fast reliable, friendly to use. Very happy with the service. We send our shows all over the world, Filemail is a great help.

Doo Dah Diaries

I have to constantly share large photographic files and scans as part of the development of the Doo Dah Diaries. I find Filemail to be the simplest and most reliable to share such files.