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Massive Speed Without The Massive Price

Sharing huge video files quickly & easily

As a alternative, our file sharing tool is used by many video specialists, such as production studios, videographers and others who work with large video files. Sending large video files can be a laborious affair, so addresses this pain point with impressive transfer speeds.

When it comes to speed, our desktop app uses UDP to give you transfer speeds that can be up to 200x times faster than TCP based solutions, in a subscription based price model. With, speed comes at a price, structured in a pricing model that leaves you in the dark about how much you'll pay.

Pay As You Go Pricing That Will Stop You In Your Tracks uses a PAYG revenue model. Pricing on the value metric of GB. The more GB you use in some way, be it via transfer or storage, the more you are charged. At first glance, a fair and profitable way to structure pricing, certainly when one hones in the most active users. Or the ones willing to pay for that level of speed.

How Much Will It Cost You To Use Prices As Of September 2020

Download shared file

Download: $0.25 / GB

Shared file storage

Storage: $0.10 / GB / Month

Looks a good deal. Until you look at the size of uncompressed video files.

Example Scenario

1 Hour Of 4k Footage is 318 GB

Let's see how compares to Filemail based on a single hour of 4K footage, that you want to store for 30 days.

How Much To Download 1 Hour Of 4k Footage?

image/svg+xml GB 318


Download by 1 recipient = $78.75

Download by 2 recipients = $157.50

Download by 3 recipients = triple the cost and so on


A Business Account = $18

We don't charge you extra no matter how many recipients download.

How Much To Store 1 Hour Of 4K Footage For A Month?



Storage for first 10 days is free.

Then charged $0.10 per GB per month.

Storage cost is $21


With a Business Account your files are permanently stored at no extra cost.

Total Cost In Example Scenario?

Total calculation


Store 1 hour of 4k footage for 1 month = $21 Downloaded by 1 recipient = $78.75

Total = $99.75


Business Account = $12 Storage at no extra cost Unlimited downloads at no extra cost

Total = $12

Filemail: The Cost-Efficient Alternative

Using Filemail you would save $87.75. For $175, not even double the cost in the above example using, you could get a years subscription to Filemail Business Account.

Massive Issues With Budgeting Forecasts

No Set Future - No Set Price

How much storage will you need?

How much will you transfer?

To how many recipients?

You don't know.

With Filemail, You Don't Need To Speculate On The Future

Start Your Free 7-Day Trial

Start Trial

How Filemail Compares To doesn't have different account types. An individual, or a multi-user business will have to put up with the features no matter your circumstances or needs.

As a alternative, we offer both a professional account for individuals, and a business account for multi-users. Look at the table below to see how they compare to Massive's offering.

Filemail Filemail
Cost Per Month $10 $15 Pay As You Go
Account Type Pro Business NA
Storage Capacity 1 TB 1 TB / User $0.10 GB / Month
Files Available 30 days Forever Paid Monthly
Max File Size 250 GB Unlimited Unlimited
UDP File Transfer Acceleration
Unlimited Bandwidth ($0.25 GB Downloaded)
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Anti-Virus Protection
Password Protection
Custom Subdomain
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Upload Form On Your Website
Receive Files
Choose Data Location
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API

Highlights Of A Alternative For Business

x 200

Speedy Transfers

Our custom UDP protocol facilitates transfer speeds of up to 200 times faster when compared to FTP and HTTP.

Receive shared files on any of our platforms

Receive Files Your Way

Not only can you send files, but you can also receive video files with no file size limits. You can use our plethora of apps, or even put an upload form using just 1-line of HTML.

Customize your account for brand consistency


You can customize all aspects of our solution, from emails to upload forms. Put your business front and center, with a professional sheen.

Multiples users in 1 business account

Multiple Users - 1 Account

You can stop sharing credentials and storage space, using a business account. Have as many users as you need, managed by an admin.

How Much Would You Save By Using Filemail

Use our price calculator to see for yourself, how much you would save if you used Filemail instead of

How Many GigaBytes Of Data Are You Going To Transfer?

How Many Different Teams Are You Going Transfer To?

How Many Days Will You Store Data For?

Using You Will Pay


Using Filemail Business You Would Pay


Using Filemail Business You Would Save


Our Clients Know A Thing Or Two About Videos

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank

Client Testimonials

Svein Magne Kjelby (Discovery)

Working in media and the need for transferring files in the quickest, safest and easiest way possible - there is only one option for me; Filemail. Reliable in the daily workflow.

Claus Frederiksen (Freelancer)

I´m a freelance cameraman, and depend on others and their service. I´ve been using Filemail for years, really happy with the product. I even uploaded 4K material directly to the live newsroom, from my iPhone and via the file app. It's easy to use, and my clients respond to me with that also. Simple, easy and fast. The recent update is spot on, making my website looking good and professional - with the Filemail implementation.

(Rory Giles, CEO) Shetland Flyer Aerial Media

As a busy media company we need to transfer large files fast. Filemail is a fantastic file transfer platform at an affordable price. The custom branding, convenience and speed integrates seamlessly with our business and image, I would have no hesitation in recommending Filemail as the best choice for file transfer.